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  • The All New 2015 Viking 52' Sport Tower October 8, 2014
    Like a Porsche, this sporty boat is Quick, Capable, and TimelessBy Matt Condon, Viking Specialist, Galati Yacht Sales Viking Yachts unveiled three new models last month, two of which were displayed at the VIP event held last month at Farley State Marina in Atlantic City – an awe inspiring 92’ Enclosed Bridge and a sporty new 52’ Sport Coupe with Tower. The 7 […]
  • "Power Smoothie" - Viking's Next Generation 52 Convertible July 15, 2013
    "Power Smoothie"The All New Viking Yachts 52 ConvertibleMore Muscle & Tighter Curvesby Matt Condon, Viking Specialist at Galati Yacht SalesViking Yachts’ Next Generation 2014 52’ Convertible showed her pedigree performance during the company’s annual gathering of dealers in Atlantic City. The public will have the opportunity to see her debut at […]
  • The Viking Yachts Story - PMY's Capt. Bill Pike inteviews Pat Healey May 12, 2013
    Power and Motoryacht's Capt. Bill Pike tells a great story about the history of Viking Yachts. Pat Healey, son and second generation leader talks about battles fought by his father. Readers get a sense of the mental toughness of a family committed to succeed.  Read more here.. […]
  • Viking Yachts Busy Line After Successful Miami Boat Show February 26, 2013
    Viking Yachts reports workers busy building boats after a successful Miami Boat Show. Show below is a 46 Convertible nearing completion. Shown below is a 42 Open getting its fiberglass windshield frame installed, and the engine room parts installation. Galati Yachts sold three 42 Opens during the Miami Boat Show.Shown here is a 46 Convertible nearing complet […]
  • "Simply Irresistible" - Viking's New 62 February 9, 2013
    My first impression from the dock is – “Okay, here is another pretty face from Viking Yachts”. These guys have been introducing new models faster than a Milan fashion show runway. But this new girl is unlike the others. She is more shapely and curvaceous. Forget Paris Hilton, I’m talking real curves like those found on Raquel Welch or Jennifer Lopez. The Vik […]
  • The New 62 Viking - First Photos Released January 31, 2013
    I just spent the day aboard Viking's newest yacht - the 62 Convertible. My impression? Wow!This amazing new yacht is a totally fresh design from top to bottom. She is a sexy and curvaceous head-turner. There are lines and shapes that just get men's attention - you know, like those of Raquel Welch or Jennifer Lopez, depending on your generation. Vik […]
  • The 92 Viking Yacht January 29, 2013
    Not so long ago, many experienced tournament skippers and anglers felt a boat over 70 feet was on the cusp of being too large to effectively compete on the tournament trail. But the Viking 74 Convertible launched in May 2004 proved differently. Fast forward to the fall 2008 when the launch of our 82 Convertible continued the upward trend demonstrating beyond […]
  • The New Viking 62 January 29, 2013
    Building a better boat every day is the philosophy that has guided the Viking Yacht Company for nearly a half century. During this period, new boats have been our mainstay positioning Viking as best in its class, with a stellar reputation for ground breaking innovation, envious performance and unimpeachable style. Beginning in 1964, combining drive and sweat […]
  • Incredible 3.75% Fixed Rate 20 Year Yacht loan January 29, 2013
    Word on the street is Bank of America is offering an incredibly low 3.75% fixed rate simple interest 20 year yacht loan. And, with the Miami Boat Show coming in mid-February I'm told that it will be lowered for the show. In my 25 years of selling boats I have never seen (nor will we ever see again) such a low rate on a simple interest, fixed rate yacht […]
  • The 66 Viking Yacht January 29, 2013
    Viking has been the marine industry’s pace setter for nearly five decades. It has achieved this lofty role through hard work, innovation and dedication to excellence with its skilled and talented workforce guided by an experienced management team that has no equal in the realm of marine manufacturing. Keenly focused on today and tomorrow, looking forward and […]